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9749 Willow Street, Chemainus, BC

1926 - 1976

In 1927 the Chemainus Masons approached St. Michael’s Anglican Church with an offer to purchase a portion of their land by selling shares to the Lodge Brethren.  In August of the same year, the Chemainus Masonic Lodge building was completed, providing accommodation for the Post Office, Customs Office and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.  The District Deputy Grand Master boasted that the Chemainus Lodge room was one of the finest in the district.   The Lodge pillars were designed by John Parkinson who, through his connections with the Victoria Machine Depot, arranged to have the lathe work done.  The Chemainus Station Agent, Bro. Noel Land, arranged for the transportation of two large logs to Victoria and hence returned as the Lodge pillars. The pillars are still prominently displayed at the entrance to this Grand Old Building which has survived to accommodate restaurants, apartments and gift shops. 


This, brethren, is a brief explanation of the genesis of Chemainus Lodge.  Many wise and skilled brothers have passed through the chairs, dutifully recording the business of the Lodge from month to month, and year to year.   For the good of Freemasonry in Chemainus, the Brethren of Chemainus Lodge, in January, 1976, placed the Lodge building up for sale. The sale of the building was duly reported in the minutes of the 548th Communication, September 13, 1976.  This move to liquidate assets, although controversial and painfully difficult, would lead to financial stability.  Chemainus Lodge then moved to the basement of the United Church and after a year were asked to leave because the Church needed the basement for Church activity. In 1977 Chemainus made a deal with Saint John’s Lodge and moved to Ladysmith.

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